Back Yard

This is one of the phenomena that occurs at the The Oregon Vortex. You can actually see and take pictures of the change in height, as is shown below. When you have the pictures developed you can even measure the difference in height on the pictures.

However, it is important to note that whatever instrument you use to measure with while inside the affected area you will always measure to be the same height because the instrument of measurement will change in size right along with you. So don't forget your still camera!

Change of height in Back Yard 1
Picture 1 - The appearance of similar height
Change of height in Back Yard 2
Picture 2 - The change of height after switching places

These pictures shows two people standing on a level platform within the area in the backyard of The House of Mystery, close to the area's center.

Change of height in Back Yard without background 1
Picture 1 - Without background
Change of height in Back Yard without background 2
Picture 2 - Without background

These pictures have the potentially confusing background lines and angles of The House of Mystery cut out. The change of height is still just as visible without the background.